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Salt And Pepper Push Dispenser

Salt And Pepper Push Dispenser

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Product Description:

Suitable for indoor and outdoor kitchens, restaurants, bars and other places, suitable for storing dry spices, powder, salt, condiments, pepper and other condiments. The product is made of plastic material, durable, fully sealed, anti-deterioration, no need to worry about sprinkling spices 


The diameter of the can is large, so you can easily add seasonings. The design also ensures that the product dispenses with minimal mess, enabling easy and convenient seasoning of all your meals.


Three types of discharging at both ends, easy to press, quantitative discharging, convenient and fast. Its precise control and accurate measurement make for a hassle-free culinary experience. Keep your pantry and spices in top condition with this practical and reliable push dispenser.


Two kinds of aperture rotation adjustment, fine mouth and coarse mouth, to meet your different needs. The adjustable apertures make it easy to adjust the size of the condiment output, allowing for tailored seasoning every time.

Color: White material: plastic 

Size: 11.5*5.5CM 

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