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Long Flexible Fan Duster

Long Flexible Fan Duster

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Product Description:

Superior Work Manship: Upgraded silicone cap, prevents the duster from scratching the surface when cleaning the ceiling. You can clean with complete peace of mind. Long handled duster is High-quality Stainless steel and microfiber materials and the latest production processes, does not rust, sturdy and durable, making sure feathers duster can serve you for many years to come

Make Work Easier: Feather duster long handle featuring innovative split fiber technology, it becomes electrostatically charged as you use it, attracting dust, pollen, and hairs with ease, suitable for cleaning dust on household appliances and your ceilings, window blinds, ceiling fans, moldings, and bookcases.

Extra Long Extendable Duster: Our duster brush with an extendable handle, can be easily extended to 100″, No more dangerously balancing on stools trying to reach high areas. this microfiber feather duster is the best way to clean blinds, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, framed pictures, and clear cobwebs.

Clean More Thoroughly: Get to areas other dusters can’t the effortless way. Unlike other cleaners with rigid heads that struggle to dust around corners and tricky spots, our microfiber duster has a cleaning head that is flexible and bendable up to 90°can wipe small cracks that are difficult to reach, such as clean the low place like a keyboard, kitchen, window blinds, picture frames, television screens, and the inside of your car.

Duster Easy to Clean: Want to clean the hypoallergenic duster? It couldn’t be simpler. Just slide the head off the telescopic wand, and hand wash with warm or low-heat water! Rotate the pole and let the microfiber be fluffy. Place in ventilated place to dry. We’ve also designed the base of the extending rod with a hanging hole to make storage very space-friendly.

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