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Limon Colander And Bowl Set – 6 Pcs

Limon Colander And Bowl Set – 6 Pcs

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Product Description:

Colander & Bowl Sets are made up of Hight Quality and Dense Plastic material It's designed to be durable and reliable, so you can count on it while preparing your meals.

Detachable Drainage and Bowls The detachable drainage and bowls provide a secure way to store produce and separate liquids from solids, keeping your countertops clean and organized.

Can be used for washing all kinds of fruits and vegetables You'll be able to keep your kitchen clean and healthy while reducing prep time.

Has a drainage basket prevent the contents of the container from exit. The drainage basket helps to keep the contents of the container secure, ensuring that no liquids or solids escape.

The special dual layer design draining basket can also used to wash and sieve rice easily. Perfect for multi-tasking in the kitchen, this set is a great addition for any chef. Enjoy hassle-free rinsing and cooking of a variety of foods with ease.

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