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Kitchen Magic Cleaning Spray

Kitchen Magic Cleaning Spray

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Surfactant will not hurt hands, or damage or corrode utensils. Remove grease and dirt within a few seconds. This powerful formula can work anywhere grease accumulates. Multi-purpose: use this multi-purpose cleaner to remove grease and dirt on cookers, grills, tableware, barbecue machines, and other equipment and tools. Powerful cleaning power: solve your stubborn stains in hard and soft water and make them disappear. This kitchen cleaner is tough on dirt and grease while still gentle on hands and surfaces. With its powerful formula and multi-purpose capabilities, you can easily clean and restore a variety of surfaces and tools with minimal effort. Get rid of those stubborn stains in just a few seconds.

Applicable: applicable to all kinds of oil stains

Storage: cool and dry place 

Net content: 500ml

Weight: 85g

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