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Disposable Air Fryer Paper Liner (50Pcs)

Disposable Air Fryer Paper Liner (50Pcs)

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Disposable and Convenient: No need to clean or wash the baking paper, simply dispose of it after use for convenience. 

Versatile Use: Can be used for baking, steaming, and even as a cheesecake base. 

Made of Wood Pulp: The baking paper is made of wood pulp, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Large Quantity: Comes in a set of 200 pieces, providing ample supply for multiple uses. 


1. Convenient and hygienic, one at a time, waterproof, oil resistant, and anti stick. 

2. Food grade healthy material, not easy to burn or break. 

3. Prevent physical objects from sticking to the pot wall and protect the pot wall multiple times. 


Product name: Air fryer paper holder 

Quantity: 200 pieces 

saaterial: Oilpaper 

Weight: approximately 90 grams 


Seasons: Four Seasons of the Year 


Packaging: OPP packaging 


Usage: In order to make food more evenly heated, paper can lock in the moisture of food and prevent it from being baked. 


Note: Use one sheet at a time and be careful of the temperature when cooking the actual product. It is 


Suitable for air fryers and must not be placed in the oven! 




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