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Cereal Storage Bag

Cereal Storage Bag

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Product Description:

Product Name: Nozzle Packing Bag Product color: transparent

Product material: PA, PET, polyester, PE Capacity: 3Litre bag and 5Litre


Large Diameter: easy to pour, easy to fill/reusable, 5L large diameter 22mm Equipped with an ergonomic design, this food-grade bag preserves cereals for an extended period of time and is easily stored in the kitchen pantry.

Portable and Portable: portable carry it with you Keep your favorite snacks fresh and close by in your bag, backpack, or purse. Traveling with snacks has never been easier.

Can Be Used Independently: the bottom is self-supporting This bag is designed to be extra durable with a thicker plastic construction and a reinforced base that is self-supporting.

Screw Seal Cover: moisture-proof and insect-proof Keep your cereal fresh for longer with the sealed zipper and airtight design. Perfect for long-term storage and keeping your food safe.

Environmental Protection Material: You can be used repeatedly The bag is designed to be durable and reusable, so you can enjoy your favorite cereal over and over again.

Package Included: 

2 pcs (3litre And 5litre)Multigrain sealed bag

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