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Adjustable Fan Faucet Tap

Adjustable Fan Faucet Tap

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With PVC sleeves, the hose is soft and elastic, and it is not easy to be deformed and damaged. 360° rotating telescopic nozzle, the length of the telescopic hose can be adjusted by 360° and the direction can be adjusted. Spiral shower, save water, sprinkle all the water, and bid farewell to the troubles of splashing. Adjustable design, suitable for 1.6-2.3CM cylindrical faucets, and general-purpose models can be used. The length can be adjusted by oneself, easy to use. Stainless steel bayonet, not easy to rust, adjustable at will. This tap is designed for durability and ease of use. The stainless steel bayonet won't rust, and the PVC sleeves protect the hose from damage. Its 360-degree rotating telescopic nozzle and adjustable length make it suitable for 1.6-2.3 cm cylindrical faucets, so you can use it universally. Plus, the spiral shower pattern is an efficient way to save water and prevent splashing.
Commodity material: PP soft rubber  
Commodity style: pink, blue, green  
Product net weight: 40g  
Commodity packaging: boxed  
Packing size: 5*5*8.2cm
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    Customer Reviews

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    I like these tips are another one, they last somewhere for 9 months, but it's the fault of the water and the heat of the pipes. I recommend


    works ok

    Caden Huel

    The box arrived a little un-sharpe, but the product works 100% and arrived before the date


    Adjustable Fan Faucet Tap


    Very good product

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