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6 in1 Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser

6 in1 Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser

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Product Description:

Transparent and visible large capacity 10L barrel has a transparent design, and the allowance is clear at a glance. Its sealed design helps keep contents fresh and makes refilling easy and convenient. No more excess product getting stuck in containers.

It can hold approximately 10kg of rice in large capacity, 1.5kg in each small compartment , and 2.5kg in one large compartment. This multi-functional cereal dispenser is a smart way to save space and make the most of your pantry. Its wall-mounted design optimizes your kitchen's vertical storage, giving you more countertop space to work with.

With quantitative multifunctional measuring cup, the whole family can eat accordingly to the quantity to reduce waste. Accurately measure the perfect portion for each meal, avoiding over- consumption or wasting food.

The rice bucket is composed of several parts, which is easy to assemble and disassemble. It can also be fixed on the wall. This wall mounted dispenser is designed for convenience and practicality, offering a secure and simple set up with no fuss.

Material: PP

Size: 36.6×32.4×14.4cm

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